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What is Astrology:
Most of you might be familiar with Astrology as a study of how the position and path of the Sun,Moon and Stars have a profound bearing in our lives. The real challenge however is to study and interpret how human life is affected by the Time,Place and the Configuration of these celestial bodies at the time of a person's birth.
A representation or a chart of that configuration is the basis of all astrological predictions .
An Astrologer hence can suggest remedial measures to mend the maligned planets in your birth chart. Did you know that an exalted position of one benefic planet or a star in chart can shower your life with immense comforts,luxuries,fame,prosperity and success.Sounds incredible! but is absolutely true.Believe it, money lords making perfect combinations and conjunctions with other starts and their happy placements in your horoscope can make you a MILLIONAIRE OVERNIGHT!
What is Gemology: Gems are precious stones that possess divine powers.Each gemstone absorbs specific energies of its corresponding planet,therefore giving impetus to the absorbs of energy from a deficient planet in a birth chart.
Gems can be as such miraculous. healers and can help cure even chronic diseases.Gems can be used to garner favorable blessings from various planets and propelling you chances of success in competitive examinations,career,politics and sensitive issues like attracting and winning over the heart of the opposite sex.

What is Numerology: Greeks thought of numbers to be sacred and alive.Numbers are powerful and can affect your life positively and negatively.
Numerology uses numbers to explain ,predict and correct various aspects of human life like personal relationships,health,success and growth in career etc.
A numerological balance can as such be extremely significant in ushering in a positive change in your life and making sure that your luck never runs out.Numerology can surprise you with easy money or windfall gains.Adopting and discarding some numbers can save you from troubles and turmoils .and clear the road ahead for a more peaceful and happy life.

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    Astrology is the most ancient intuitive art to evaluate the fortunes of humans, by studying the influence of the distant cosmic objects on the lives of the humans.

  • Change in Your Destiny through Numerology

    The divinatory art of dealing with occult significance of mathematical characters or numbers to evaluate the hidden destiny, actually predetermined before the birth of a person, is called Numerology..

  • How Gemology Effects in Your Life

    Gems have healing power to positively transform to humanlives and cure various ailments.Gemstones are usually minerals and are organic substance, which are very precious for their durability, rarity, beauty, acceptability characteristics and are used in Jewellery.

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