Career Astrology


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Choosing the right career of selecting a suitable business in life is visibly the most difficult and mind-boggling thing in today's world.Rapidly changing trends are continuously opening fewer and fewer arenas for business and career opportunities due to which choosing the most rewarding one seem to be a Herculean task.

Astrology can guide you to choose the right career and a fixed form of business on the basis of the stars placed in your birth chart.For instance if venus is your powerful business star,you shoud take up a business dealing in ladies garments and their other articles of wear,all the luxury items like cosmetics,perfumes,jewellery and diamonds. You can also go in hotelling and financing business.Persons with a strong venus have been found to be famous actors,actresses,Singers and theater artists and are some how connected with film industry,artistic and entertainment fields in some capacity or the other.

Astrology and Money

One thing synonymous with human life is movemnt.The man movement,struggles,endeavors and work hard to have and possess one most prominent thing in life: you know that besides Money, it cannot be any thing else. your success in getting money largely depends on the money stars in your birth chart.It is admittedly true that without the blessing of your money planets, nothing is possible not withstanding how hard you attemp and struggle to get it. The auspicious combinations and placements of stars can make you see the zenith of success in no time and some time may be even without much effort through inheritance or by means of speculative activities. Some are destined to gain financial success only after marriage through their spouses and children.

It is very important for an individual to know exactly where,from whom and from which direction and source one is going to get financial success. One Should atleast have some vision on the basis of which he can direct his efforts.Without a clear,transparent and fixed idea, everythink is likely to fall apart. it is here that Astrology comes to a persons aid.Astrological guidance can always lead you to your lane of success.